Full Car Sales Training - A True Gentleman Wins!

This course was created to help you become the best version of yourself in professional sales. Presented skills and knowledge are based on years of working in the automotive industry and training and certifying over 350 car salespeople at one of the largest global automotive brands. This online training contains a full professional training that was provided in a face-to-face form to all salespeople joining the brand on one of the European markets. Now you’re getting access to it at your own home! And that’s only a part of what you are receiving here! What you’re also getting is content that was provided in one-on-one individual sessions during a process of certification (altogether worth approx. $950 USD or 850 Euro with the training session). Gathered there conclusions and examples of best practices developed by the brand’s best salespeople are added to this online training. There is also plenty of other sales tips, good practices, practical examples and expert knowledge on the subjects of customer service, business etiquette, communication and psychology in sales. You will also get a hint of what the World’s best-paid skill in sales is!